Friday, December 30, 2011


So I heard recently on the radio that someone won the mega millions and took the lump sum payout. So as I sat there thinking about the ifs. So many ifs come to mind when thinking about sudden financial freedom. I think of what I could do with the money. My thoughts and dreams run wild. I dream of starting my own non-profit company. I would love to be able to do mission work in orphanages. I dream of opening a ranch for children where they can learn to appreciate nature and the great outdoors. Oh I could go on forever! However God never promised great riches here on earth. He never said His work would be easy. I am blessed to say He has always provided all of my needs. He has blessed me with my Family. My cup runneth over!

Another first

I decided after much thought and contemplation to start a blog of my own. I have been keeping everyone up to date on our adoptions through facebook but have often wanted to write and share more than facebook allows. I want to share more, more of what it is like to be the father of four with a fifth on the way. I want to share of my faith and sometimes lack thereof. I am trusting My Father to show me His will in everything I do. I want to see people and our world as He sees it, hence my blogs title. So sit back read, and hopefully enjoy.