Friday, April 6, 2012

Good Friday / Day 60

So I know I'm horrible about posting on my blog. Quite frankly I just never seem to have any time to post. Where does one get this extra time alone to think and then type without interruption? Well today is Good Friday so I have the day off of work....well kind of. You see I'm on call. Well it seems like I always am. I take on call from my fellow co-workers so that I can raise extra money for our adoption. I sit here thinking what to type. My emotions have been running high. I have such mixed emotions about Good Friday. How could we  do what we did? How could we crucify the only Perfect one? I start to think of all the children that through no fault of their own are discarded. These children who did nothing wrong are abandoned. We turned our backs on Jesus and let Him suffer and die on our cross. He bled to wash away my sins. I am redeemed through Him. How can I now turn my back on His children? They suffer and die. They have done nothing to deserve their treatment other than being born into a world of sin. How can we ignore it? How can we as Christians ignore their cries? I pray I never forget.  I am glad that He has opened my heart to adoption. The children need us. Today my little girl needs me. Today is day 60 of our LOA wait. (letter of acceptance) I pray that we will get word soon.  So today we not only celebrate Good Friday but also the fact that we have 60 less days to wait on Aliyah's homecoming. Hang on sweety, Daddy's coming!

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