Saturday, February 18, 2012

Catching up

For the last week I have been in Detroit for training for my job. I am someone who really enjoys learning new things. I love hands on training as well. Being gone from the family for a week is tough though. Knowing that I left my wife home with a bunch of sick kids didn't make me feel good either. I was missing home and the kids right away. (ok not the house full of germs, but the family yes) I was however blessed beyond belief by being able to meet up with friends that have also adopted from Korea. They invited me over for a Valentines dinner that was delicious! Later in the week we met up for some authentic Korean food at a great Korean restaurant. To be honest they made my week a very enjoyable week and made me feel like family. God blesses us in such ways it's hard to imagine how we begin to doubt Him so much. I know with our adoption process for Dane and now for Aliyah I have struggled so much with trusting Him to produce the funding. God demonstrated His power through out Dane's adoption over and over again and yet here I am again, back in the same old boat of doubt and worry. He has been showing me His great power again these last few days with blessings from friends. We truly have an amazing support group of adoptive friends. We have had their financial support and moral support. They have given so much and it has always come at the right times when we were at a low and feeling like we were all alone. I love my friends and I am thankful for them. I feel so undeserving at times. I pray I will show them my appreciation. I want them to know how much I value them and their support. I know with my week of training I was removed from friends, family, and home. God provided me with so much. He always provides. We never are without, not while we are walking with HIM! He will never leave our side! I am home now. The welcome I received was amazing. The kids hung signs for me and colored pictures. They came running and surrounded me with hugs and kisses. I am one truly blessed man! I love my wife and my kids. Thank you God for giving me so much.

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