Saturday, January 28, 2012


Time seems to be flying lately. I have been feeling the pressure more and more to be able to come up with the money needed for our adoption by this summer. Our dossier is now in China and we are now just waiting for our letter of acceptance. I know we have received some negative response about our decision to take Alaina to China with us as it is added expense. We feel however that this could be very beneficial to Aliyah to have a sibling there. Also this could be something that changes Alaina's life forever. This could make her relationship with God so much more real, so much stronger. I think this might open desires in her to do mission work or possibly to adopt someday herself. I know she wants this though. She has been an avid supporter of us adopting again. She was willing to give up whatever she could to help us. She has been working everyday after school making hats to sell to help raise the money needed for her travel expenses. I know she makes a father's heart melt and swell with pride all at the same time. I am sure the Lord will provide the funding needed and in His perfect timing. I must say that even though the time is flying by I am still struggling with the feeling that it seems like forever before I will be able to hold my little girl. The time will be here before I know it but it is still a struggle. I know He is with me and will continue to see me through the rough roads ahead.

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