Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Why / Try

I have been trying to post for awhile but I type it up only to delete it all and give up. I have so much on my mind and it is weighing on my heart. I have been asked why alot lately. Why do I want to adopt again? Why? I have so many emotions about this question. I love my children, I absolutely hate to see children mistreated and neglected. I see more than I wish I ever had to while at work. Why adopt oversees when there are children right here that need homes? Well to this I say it's a preference. I feel led by God to do international adoption. I will never rule out domestic in my future but for the here and now I feel called for international.  "You know you can't save them all." To that comment my response is: "Can you lead everyone to the Lord?" It isn't about "saving" them. It's like when people say your blessing that child or that you are doing such a good thing for them. I am the one being blessed by that child. I am the one being blessed by God. No it isn't always easy. God never said it would be though.  I have to try, try to be a better everything. Better husband, father, friend, but most importantly a better Christ follower. I am trying, although most day's I fail miserably. I pray that He will help me to become that better version of me.

Why Adopt?

Because they are so worth it!

Even when things seem crazy at times.

And the hurt is so real!

The rewards are so much greater!


Religion that God our Father accepts as pure and faultless is this: to look after orphans and widows in their distress and to keep oneself from being polluted by the world. ~ James 1:27 ~


  1. Great post. I'm glad that God calls us all to different things. While adoption has been on my heart a long time, I feel called to adopt here, but I am so glad there are others who are called to adopt internationally because every child deserves to be loved and while we can't "save" them all, if everyone did their part, we could do a lot more. I pray more people will be inspired by how you live your life and do your best for God. God bless!

  2. :) That is so true -- we are the ones being blessed! Looking forward to see your story unfold!